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Community Service Requirement

from: DW

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I have been a member of the church for some time - at least a couple of years. My question is: Does the church have a tax free status? a 5013c.

I have some nasty community service to do and it would be just loverrly if.....

Awaiting your speedy reply, thank you


The Patriarch replies:


The short answer is "No." We do not currently have a charitable tax free status in the USA or in any other country.

Some readers may question this as it does state elsewhere on the site that UCTAA was incorporated in the USA and tax-free status was being sought.

However, maintaining a corporate status requires a continuing commitment of time and money. A Board and Officers is required. Reports must be filed annually with whatever jurisdiction the corporation is registered in, along with the IRS. This needs a core group of dedicated people prepared to look after basic administration and a source of funds. While the impetus was there for the initial incorporation, unfortunately it was lost.

As I have written before, I would like to see UCTAA return as a corporation in the USA where the majority of our membership live; but I'm not personally going to do anything about it other than provide moral support. I don't live in the US.

If our members want an incorporated membership organization, then it is up to them to take the job on. The message board and chat room are both there for anyone who wants to co-ordinate discussions leading to incorporation. I encourage those interested to stop thinking "it would be nice" and to try to make it a reality.

As for DW's community service requirement; I suggest you look at secular charities supporting the community in which you live.