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Ask the Patriarch 203
Why are you trying to disprove various religions?

from: James Campbell

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As much I as enjoy being part of this church, I can't help but notice that often times the articles posted on this site serve to try to disprove various religions. Is that not contrary to the 3rd Article of Faith?

This Article states "We are apathetic to the existence or nonexistence of a Supreme Being." How is going out of your way to tell a group of self-pronounced Agnostics about the fallacies of the world's religions being apathetic toward the existence of a so-called supreme being?

Who are the writers of these essays trying to persuade, those of us who already accept the fallacies of organized religion or themselves?

The Patriarch replies:


There is a fundamental difference between being apathetic towards the existence of a deity and being apathetic towards the beliefs of others who want to force their beliefs - or the implications of their beliefs - on others.

As far as I am concerned, whether or not any deity actually exists or not is fairly unimportant. I don't really care, because there is no substantiated evidence that a deity actually interacts with the real world.

However, those that believe in a deity, and who believe it is their mission in life to enforce the supposed morality and religious practices of that deity on everyone else - well, those people do interact with the real world, and they impact on my life; they impact on your's. Their existence cannot be ignored. I cannot and will not be apathetic towards these people or their beliefs.

I will continue to criticize religions whose followers preach that they have some kind of truth which all of us should blindly follow. I will continue to expose the untruths, the half-truths, and the contradictions.

Perhaps none of the information in articles in which I attack specific religious issues is new to you. And that's fine - you can say that you were aware of that already. But at least some of what I write - or what I publish written by others - is new to some individuals in the audience, and they may actually use that information when approached by believers intent on conversion at work or at home.