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Ask the Patriarch 166
Am I now an agnostic?

from: John

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I thought I was an atheist, but I get really turned on by those multi-armed Asian goddesses. Does this mean I'm agnostic?

The Patriarch replies:

Image from an old Time magazine cover


No, John, I do not think you are an agnostic.

If you actually believe in the existence of such goddesses, you probably should consider becoming an adherent of one of the Eastern religions.

If it is because many of these goddesses have a reputation for violence and usually have an impressive array of weapons that turns you on, then perhaps you are a masochist and should look into female domination. But do be careful - some of those professional Mistresses take their work quite seriously.

And if it is just imagining all those arms, all those hands, all those fingers gently caressing you as you drift off to sleep at night that turns you on, you just have an active imagination. You are a fantasist

Regardless, I quite doubt you are an agnostic.

Best wishes