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Ask the Patriarch 162
Rudolf Steiner

from: Jorn

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Do you read German texts as well?

There is an interesting article about agnosticism as the "main evil" leading to not-thinking and non-spiritualism. It disgusts me to be criticized by those arguments. I consider that my way of believing, or not believing, is a way of thinking AND understanding.

By the way, I would really like to hear your opinion on Rudolf Steiner's works. He is a second Jesus to many people. And he is the main character on the site the article is from.

The article is written in German ... sorry. But if you cannot read it, I can try to translate... at least the main arguments.

Thanks so far

Regards Jorn

The Patriarch replies:


To be honest, I have never heard of Rudolf Steiner and I had to look him up in Wikipedia.

He should be commended for his early opposition to Hitler. Further, the man had interesting ideas about education and agriculture. If the spiritualist element was removed from both, his thinking in these two areas would probably be more influential today.

Obviously he would be against agnosticism as it would deny his fundamental teachings about spiritualism. I find it interesting that he would find it necessary to write such a long article against agnosticism; it would suggest that he saw the idea as a real threat. He is right that agnosticism (for most agnostics, anyway) is non-spiritualist, but absolutely wrong that it is non-thinking. I have no doubt he was sincere about his beliefs and his teachings, but anthroposophy was built upon theosophy which was built upon the fraud of 19th century spiritualism. There is no solid foundation for anthroposophy in reality.

To argue against agnosticism from a spiritualist or anthroposophical position is to present a case based upon quicksand. Given that I reject the underlying premise, I see no point in spending my time reading the article when I have other priorities. I appreciate your offer to translate it, but I suggest there are more interesting things on which to spend your time also.

Best wishes