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Ask the Patriarch 160
A "brick and mortar" church.

from: Jeff

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I'm interested in finding a "brick and mortar" church I could visit.  If any exist, perhaps I missed the appropriate link. 

I live in the central valley of California, if you know of any in the area, please contact me.

The Patriarch replies:


I regret that we don't have any regular meetings anywhere. I have found agnostics are generally quite apathetic about meeting to discuss agnosticism. The best I can offer is that you participate in our online forum at http://uctaa.org.

To those who want to physically meet like-minded people on a regular basis, I generally recommend looking for a local freethinker or humanist organization. Alternatively, look inside the back cover of the Skeptical Inquirer magazine for regional organizations associated with the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry.