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Ask the Patriarch 158
What's next? 

from: Krystal

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I actually was drawn to the page after reading information about Wallace Idaho and I live in Wallace...ha! Imagine that!

However, a website for a church? Even more of a dry joke until I read the contents of your page and realized "Wow!" Pretty smart stuff... pretty interesting.

Am I converted? Maybe just because I happened to cross such a page. Thanks?

But I'm complaining because you have a web site and you are a church...what's next? 

The Patriarch replies:


Thanks for writing.

People have complained before about a web site and a church devoted to agnosticism and the issue has been addressed in Talkback, Ask the Patriarch and in Meditations. (I suppose I should take the time to dig up specific references but a fit of apathy has overtaken me.) Overall, I'm not worried that some people disagree with me. I'll still do things my way.

But you asked "What's next?"

I have my eye on about 7000 acres on the British Columbia / Washington border where I would like to establish an Apathetic Agnostic commune. Agnostics could come and live there and get away from the pervasive religiosity of every day life. And they could support me in the sybaritic lifestyle I deserve. Alternatively, I'll buy Ron Hubbard's old yacht and spend my remaining years cruising the seas with a crew of devout Apathetic Agnostics caring for my every need.

Unfortunately, funding these ideas would require me to change my policy on donations. That is not going to happen. So, I guess "What's next?" will be just carrying on the same as I have for the past 10 years.