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Ask the Patriarch 146
This site is really disorganized

from: David I

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You have really really good information.

Just one part that I don't like is that this site is really disorganized and sometimes it becomes difficult to find information.

The Patriarch replies:


You are quite right. Even I find it difficult to find articles that I know I wrote.

Not having any long range plans when I started out, organization within each essay section is chronological. I don't know if I want to put the effort into reorganizing it under the Dewey Decimal System - or if such an effort would be useful.

What the site does need is a working search function. It used to have one - but it was part of a hosting package - and thanks to some incompetent management at that host, I went to another operation which did not provide the same function. My attempt to use the Yahoo search function failed. Same days it was functional, most of the time it was not. I'm not sure why Yahoo could not keep the site indexed.

But, I have put much too low a priority on getting search operational again.

With luck there will be a working search function (the one in Front Page) in place next week on one of our two hosts (the one which hosts apatheticagnostic.info & .org and uctaa.com. If it works, then I will convert the other host (apatheticagnostic.com and uctaa.net) to Front Page the following week.

That may help. If it doesn't, there's still the possibility of installing a google search function, or getting some help installing a cgi function.