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Ask the Patriarch 141
That Hypothetical Simpson Interview

from: Samuel G.

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I have an ethical question.

It's about this interview with OJ Simpson that Fox is going to broadcast later this month where he is going to hypothetically tell how he might have murdered his wife.

Is it right to watch it or should it be boycotted?

The Patriarch replies:


Since you consider it a question of ethics, I think you already know what is right for you to do.

But, I think we (speaking generally of the human race) tend to muddle up ethics, taste, and culture. People tend to see issues which are contrary to their culture, or contrary to their views of good taste as questions of morality. They are not (most of the time); and I do not see the decision of whether or not to watch this program as one of ethics.

I personally consider this particular interview as bad taste (and not the bad taste that provides the tacky guilty pleasure available from, say, Jerry Springer.) I have no intention of watching it. But, I would not impose my views on others. As for a boycott - well those who would join a boycott of this program would not have watched it anyway.[1]

Best wishes


  1. With the cancellation of the interview and the related book by Rupert Murdoch, the whole question becomes moot. I suspect the immediate reason for cancellation was due to neither morality nor taste, but rather due to simple economics; not enough commercial sponsors willing to sign up.