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Ask the Patriarch 139
A better way to read the site?

from: Marco Piampiani

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I'd love to read through all the meditations ... but in front of a pc its too hard. That's why I have a GP2X I use as an ebook reader.

I could get-steal the pages, but that's not nice, I'd like either a) permission first or b) a zip of them, as I'd love to read them all on the bus to/from work in peace.

If I'm allowed, I'll set a prog to download the site.

If not, I'll read them online. It's your site, you set the rules. I will, however, page by page, save them off if that's allowed.

The Patriarch replies:


I quite understand that reading long articles on a PC screen can be difficult. I myself find it easier to print some things rather than read on a monitor.

The suggestion of creating zip files has come up before - unfortunately with the site well over 1000 pages, and my desire to do it "properly," it's a project for which I don't have time. I have also considered offering the site on CD-Rom for a modest charge - but that would quickly become outdated.

I have no problem with anyone downloading portions of the site, or even the whole site if it helps them to read it. I use a program called Web Site Downloader when I want to do this.

Feel free to grab and read the site any way you wish.