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Ask the Patriarch 138
Is this an Antichrist website?

from: Attilla Varga

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Please, let me know this site is an Antichrist site? What about your church is an Antichrist? Also, you talk about the number 666.

I have broke my certificate from you cz there are a lot of references to an Antichrist/Satan. I have talked to my friends regarding your site and honestly they do not have a good impression.

Thank you in advance, for your response.

The Patriarch replies:


I don't know why you would consider this an Antichrist site or a Satanic web site.

Yes, there are several references to 666. These occur in articles where I am making fun of those who give this number some kind of mystical power, whether they be Christians, Satanists, or those who believe in numerology. 666 is just another number as far as I am concerned. It has no power except that which fools allow it to have over them.

This most certainly is not a Satanic site. Satanists believe in Satan as a deity. Agnosticism is a clear statement that we do not know if any deities exist. This site does not promote belief in Satan. And I do not know where you found "a lot of references to an Antichrist/Satan" except in the couple of talkback articles where ill-informed individuals have accused me of this without a shred of evidence. Those articles were published to expose the inadequacies of the individuals making such accusations, and not to promote the idiocy of Satanism.

I'm sorry you destroyed your Bachelor of Adequacy degree. I will be unable to replace it.