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Ask the Patriarch 133
How do I beat "parental" control filters?

from Doug

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My anal employers have installed "WebSense" on our servers and I can't access some of your websites because:

"The Websense category 'Non-Traditional Religions and Occult and Folklore' is filtered."

If there something in your page headers that can be removed so you don't take a hit from these filters? I'm sure it keeps a lot of people from viewing you site.

The Patriarch replies:


Obviously an employer has the right to control the use made of its equipment. But it would seem unfair if they block access to some religious sites and allow access to others.

There is really nothing I can do with site content to evade these filters short of removing all the words and purchasing a new URL which would be set up with no content.

I understand that there are ways to bypass the various controls which can be placed by employers, libraries, schools, and universities. For educational purposes only (and I am not advocating any of these methods, nor suggesting they are foolproof) I suggest this web page might provide some information of interest:

How to Bypass Censorware: (this may no longer be available)

To get around your blocking software (Valid as of Jan 2010)