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Ask the Patriarch 130
Is there a Quad Cities Agnostics Group?

from Jean C.

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I was wondering if there were any Agnostic churches or organizations located in the Quad Cities of Illinois and Iowa that you know of. I recently moved out here and never even knew of Agnostic organizations existing until I saw a show on cable today.

The Patriarch replies:


I've found that agnostics really aren't very interested in meetings - not meetings to specifically discuss agnosticism anyway.

There are certainly other agnostics in the Quad Cities area. I have heard from several over the years. But none to my knowledge has started a local organization.

Your best bet of finding a group of like-minded individuals which will invariably include some other agnostics is to look for a local freethinker, humanist, or skeptic society. There is at least one such organization in almost every metropolitan area in the U.S.A. And their objectives tend to be quite similar to those of agnostics.

Best wishes.