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Ask the Patriarch 129
Have you published this?

from William L. Burdeaux

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Has anyone tryed to compile all of this data as a "Bible" yet? Just wondering, and if so where can it be purchased.

The Patriarch replies:


Thank you for the compliment implicit in your question. However, the answer is no.

I have, on occasion, thought of providing a more "printer-friendly" version of each page without the space consuming navigation bars. I have also considered developing Acrobat versions of sets of articles. However, given the size of the site, it tremendous amount of time andwork would be required, and keeping the additional version current with web site updates would add to the routine maintenance workload.)

Right now it is not in the cards. (Except that when I get up to Quotations XL, I may turn the 800 quotations into a single downloadable document.)

If a major publishing house wants to provide me with a sizeable advance and a dedicated editor, I'll drop everything and get to work on turning this whole thing into a hardcover book. Until then, the web site remains just a web site.