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Ask the Patriarch 123
I have asked for your financial help.

by: Pastor Kavuri Parisuddarao

Last time Pastor Parisuddarao wrote in July 2003, he was applying for ordination from us. He has lowered his sights and only requested membership this time. But still, he wants our money. This time I could not be bothered to correct his spelling or grammar.

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Remote Name:
pastor.kavuri parisuddarao
guntur-522002 A.P. INDIA
Bachelor of Agnostic Studies
29 June, 2006
08:24 AM

Beloved brother in christ.

Iam pastor kavuri parisuddarao of andhra pradesh state south india Ihave been servent our lord jesus christ.for the past ten years Iam working among tribal people in our forest area Ihave a team of 10 co-workers spreading gospel message in there end –times .

We all cover about 30 villages in addition to the slum areas as industrial areas.

I take jesus to unreached areas. Where the majarity of population is hindus.

There are idof worshippers given to social evils we have been given gospel massage in 3 prayer houses which are that ehed huts in dilapideted condation.

More over we have been praising our lord in faith.

Our sustaining our salves and our familes in faith I have asked for your financial help.

Because for the past 2 years our state is india famine due to local famine of crops.

Where are many widows our orphans licint under semistorvetion.

Ihave prayer fully shared my burden with you for there people. We are praying god to give you the prayer fully burden in the ministry. .

Your co- workers in his vineyard.

Please send your kindly reply.please pray us.

God bless you



The Patriarch replies:

Dear Pastor Parisuddarao:

It is hard to believe that it has been a whole three years since you last wrote requesting my help. You were given a reply in Ask the Patriarch 30 that should have indicated that I have no intention of helping you... ever. You should have known that filling in the application form was a waste of time.

Because of the similarity to the earlier message, I suspected this latest effort was someone pulling my leg; but I checked the IP address, and indeed the message originated in Andhra Pradesh.

Let me be blunt. I do not believe you are a Christian pastor. I do not believe you have a team of 10 co-workers spreading the gospel any more than you had a team of 20 three years ago.

I believe you are a lying scumbag of a con-artist specializing in ripping off gullible western Christian congregations. It is obvious that you are too lazy to bother to determine if the churches you contact are indeed Christian. I cannot understand how you possibly found our application forms without twigging to the fact this is an agnostic organization.

I wish to hear from you no more, but I expect you will probably write again in 2009.