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Ask the Patriarch 118
A Church for Underage Drinking

from Sam

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I am a resident of Washington state and it states in the laws that any persons under 21 can consume as much alcohol in connection with religious services and I'm just wondering how you started your religion and how to get it recognized so we can take advantage of these laws.

The Patriarch replies:


This is reminiscent of an earlier question about joining the church for the purpose of avoiding union dues.

The purpose of a church is to promote a religious perspective, not to "take advantage of these laws." And I personally have been almost excessively prudent so as not to be seen as trying to take advantage of laws giving churches special privileges. That is not about to change.

I extremely doubt that the laws of the State of Washington permit any church to serve as much alcohol as an underage person wants. In my own experience, churches serve a sip of wine during communion; not even a mouthful, just a sip. And serving that miniscule portion of wine is not the object of the service, but just an element of it.

Even those churches which, under US federal law, are permitted to use prohibited drugs in their services do so in a controlled fashion, and do not provide unlimited quantities.

If you were to found a church which, in its services, gave to its members (regardless of age) as much alcohol as they wanted, you would very quickly find yourself in deep legal difficulties. You would be likely to be found financially liable for all damages caused by your drunken congregation upon leaving the church. I do not need that trouble, so I will not be providing any guidance or assistance to you other than don't do it.

And if you decide to create a church with a more responsible objective in mind, then I suggest you read the offer in A Miscellany 89.