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Ask the Patriarch 117
Agnostic / Atheist churches

from David Sigmon

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I am not sure if you have occasion to learn of other agnostic/atheist churches, but I am trying to learn about the churches out there. I have recently left a Christian church when I found out that it was not true and now no longer believe in God. But, I miss the sense of community, the help in reinforcing moral teachings, and the frequent feelings of elevation.

Could you send me a list of agnostic/atheist churches or communities approaching something like a church?

The Patriarch replies:


While there are several agnostic and atheist groups which call themselves churches, I do not know of any which actually have regular in-person meetings. You will find most such groups achieve their sense of community through message boards, chat rooms, or simply through a web site such as this one.

I normally suggest to those seeking regular meetings to look for a humanist or freethought organization in their area. However, you are also looking for "feelings of elevation." I would suggest you consider a Unitarian Universalist Church or alternatively a Buddhist group. You might have to shop around a bit because of the range of beliefs either can express, but both can have elements consistent with agnosticism.