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Ask the Patriarch 105
Is there a theory that necessitates agnosticism?

from Michael

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I was wondering if you could provide the references of any theses or essays etc. that prove agnosticism.


The Patriarch replies:

I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for here.

If you accept that the existence of god can neither be proven or disproven, then logically, you are led to "I don't know."

However, this just deals with knowledge, not belief - and there are believers who recognize that god is unprovable as a fact, and yet still wholeheartedly believe.

In matters of faith, logic does not necessarily provide the answers.

Or alternatively, logic will provide anyone with the answer they want. If you want, you can find what are claimed to be logically sound proofs of god's existence, proof of specifically the Christian god's existence - or the existence of other gods, proofs of atheism, etc.

Ultimately in all such "proofs" there is a flaw - usually an assumption which guarantees the conclusion.

Meditation 242 provides one such proof - supposedly for atheism, but the author did not recognize his conclusion pointed to agnosticism, not atheism.

Is that a valid proof of agnosticism? I leave that to your own assessment.