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Ask the Patriarch 103
When will we become more organized?

from Donald J. Fiore

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I have become quite discouraged that there are so few credited agnostic organizations. To be completely honest, it was even more discouraging when I found an essay on this website concerning a Festivus pole. But then again that was a pretty funny episode.

The reason why I am so discouraged is that I believe I have discovered a form of thought that has not been defined. It is based in agnosticism but comes to a more in-depth conclusion than just determining that the existence of God is unknowable. So where is my outlet? Where will my philosophical discovery originate? When will we become more organized?

The Patriarch replies:

As your thoughts have been published as Meditation 422, I will only deal here with your question about organization.

To be organized requires a couple of things. First, sufficient people have to want to belong to an organization and want to contribute to it, and secondly, a sufficient number of those individuals have to be prepared to get involved in creating and maintaining an organization. A one time effort is not enough. A continuing commitment is required.

My experience over the past 10 years is that while there is among agnostics some desire to be loosely associated with other agnostics, it is not a strong desire. The need to belong is not a strong need for us. Perhaps there is a relationship between agnosticism and individuality.

The elements of an organization have already been created with the incorporation of UCTAA, but attempts to turn it into something more than just a discussion board are currently in abeyance.

When will we be more organized? When the will to organize exists.

I don't have the will to do it myself. The website is my ongoing contribution.