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My son's school is sending out youth ministers

from Alison

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I need your help. My 11 year old, a 6th grader, is agnostic and his school is sending out youth ministers to talk to him and have him go to church. I live in Florida in a small town and people are small minded. Can we start a meet us at the flag pole for your church. Please e-mail me back.

The Patriarch replies:


Thank you for writing.

If your son is in a public school, that school has no business sending youth ministers to talk to him. Promoting a religion is not in the mandate of a public school in the USA.

I would suggest you contact the ACLU in Florida for some assistance from within your state - http://www.aclufl.org/. On the left hand side of that web page, you can click on the Local Chapters button and find if there is a branch near you to contact for direct assistance. Most Florida counties do have a chapter. For the few counties without a chapter, you can contact the ACLU Florida office using the complaint form at http://www.aclufl.org/forms/?action=complaintForm


Best wishes