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Ask the Patriarch 97
Why don't agnostics believe in anything?

from Christina

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I am curious why agnostics don't believe in anything? Do you believe in a good and evil force? Is it that you believe in a Supreme Being, but just don't know His name? For example, you don't call Him God, Yahweh, Allah, etc?

And, have you always believed this way? Just curious!

The Patriarch replies:


Agnostics believe in many things. But agnosticism is not a statement about belief. It is a statement about knowledge, and specifically, knowledge about the existence of a deity.

In its most basic form, agnosticism is a claim that we do not know whether or not a god exists. This is an issue on which we exercise neither belief nor disbelief. There is insufficient evidence for or against a deity to support either belief or disbelief.

The name the believers give to their gods is irrelevant. Whatever name they use, the evidence for their god's existence is lacking.

I have not always been an agnostic. I was toaught as a child to believe in a Christian god. But, as I grew up, I realized that the teachings were without evidentary support, and I abandoned belief in a deity.

Best wishes