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Cameron Falls, Waterton Lakes National Park, photograph by JTAsk the Patriarch 91
Temptation in the Wilderness

from Phil van Bergen

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Given you were visiting "The Wilderness" on the 29th June, please advise whether you were tempted by the Devil, and if so, your reaction.

The Patriarch replies:


I have no encounters with the devil to report. I did run into Raven and Coyote separately, both of whom are prominent in native North American myths. However in these meetings, they remained in their purely animal form.

Perhaps I will stand a better chance of meeting the devil on my next visit to Waterton Lakes National Park after I get another knee replaced (September 21) and am capable of the Crypt Lake Hike. This 17 km. (return) hike, rated as one of the best in Canada, passes four waterfalls - one of them Hell Roaring Falls - requires you to go through a 100 ft. tunnel on your knees, then climb along a narrow ledge to reach Crypt Lake.

If one is to encounter the devil in the wilderness, this seems to be the place. However, sighting a mountain goat or bighorn sheep is much more probable. But the hike itself certainly seems to be a temptation in the wilderness. And if anyone is up to doing it with me in June 2006, drop me a line.


A non-devilish deer at Waterton Lakes - phopt by JT

A non-devilish deer