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Ask the Patriarch 88
Other Pantheons

from Ben

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Hi there.

I am thinking about joining your church, but I wanted to know something first.

What do think about the other pantheons, such as Asgard? I don't believe in them and I don't think that any deity exists, but I do believe that Odin and Thor are really cool guys.

Now, what do you say? Is it wrong to like the "gods" of asgard if I am an Apathetic Agnostic?

Thanks for your answer.


The Patriarch replies -


I see no problem with taking inspiration from other religions. There is nothing in Agnosticism that requires you to reject all teachings and all role models found in various faiths. Amid the myths, it is possible to find much of value.

I myself would probably not characterize Odin and Thor as cool, but there is no requirement that we have to agree on such an issue.

Best wishes