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Ask the Patriarch 85
Where to find Agnostic / Atheist women?

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Do young (20-something), single, attractive agnostic / atheistic women exist in America? And, if so, could you suggest a clever way to go about finding one?

I'm not kidding. I really want to know, because I have never met one and would love to.

Nice site.

Thank You.

The Patriarch replies:


I already answered this a couple of years ago in Ask the Patriarch 25, but it is something worth addressing again.

I still recommend the resources I suggested in that article. There are certainly some young atheist and agnostic American women active in the Friendster discussion groups. I just took a quick look at Free Thinker's Matchmaker, and scanned for women in the 20-30 age bracket in the USA. I stopped counting at 200. So possibilities do exist there.

Two more matchmaking services, which were not recommended previously, are Atheist Passions and Atheist Singles - both of which also cater to agnostics.

Another suggestion is to look for people participating in activities when the religious people are in church. I used to belong to a running club (when I still had knees) and every Sunday morning we either trained or competed in races. This is not to say that none of the Sunday morning runners are religious - but in my experience, true believers are a minority. It is a good place to meet hot, sweaty and fit women who don't attend church. You might find similar situations in tennis, skiing, or golf.

And if your interests are more intellectual than athletic, I will repeat my earlier recommendation to look into a local Humanist or Freethought society. There are local chapters nationwide.

One final option is to take a tip from Tom Cruise's playbook. Work your way through several beautiful Catholic women until you find one willing to convert to your views.