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from Hannah

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We all are trying to find something stable - and it can be difficult to feel sure of the Christian doctrine. I think it's great that you are trying to find balance and peace in your existence. Have you, in your evaluation of the existence of God, searched farther than the Bible?

The Patriarch replies:


Thank you for writing.

I've considered the claims and texts of a number of religions from ancient mythologies up to various "New Age" religions. For those which depend on a deity (or several,) I find the same problem. None provide an essential basis for belief in a god other than circular reasoning. Ultimately, a deity adds nothing to the fundamental questions of creation, existence, or meaning. It just adds the complication of "where did this hypothetical being come from?"

In terms of considering comparative religion, I find the most useful for considering how to lead my life to be those which are based on a way of life, without necessarily requiring a deity. Buddhism and Confucianism are good examples, not that I follow either religiously.

Best wishes