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Ask the Patriarch 79
Books on Apathetic Agnosticism

from Chris P.

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Could you please recommend some books I could read about Apathetic Agnosticism. This is just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you.

The Patriarch replies


Thanks for your interest in Apathetic Agnosticism.

There are no books currently available on this specific flavour of agnosticism. The web site is all there is.

In the future, time permitting, I may turn many of the essays on this web site into pdf documents for easy download and printing, but I have no plans of publishing a book.

For agnosticism in general, there are many classic essays available on the web and on this site. For example, do a search on Thomas Huxley or Robert Ingersoll. Or go to The Bank of Wisdom and purchase one or more reasonably-priced CD-roms with a library of classic agnostic, atheist and freethought texts.