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Ask the Patriarch 78: Why are white, Christian societies considered racist?

from Jess Stevens

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I'm doing a class project on racism and have been asked to answer these questions, why are white, Christian societies considered bad, or racist, and did white Christians come up with this idea?

I've found one article that denies that they are bad, or racist. Could you give me a supportive argument?

Link to article: (Link deleted by editor - anyone who wants a link to David Duke's web site can surely find it without our help.)


The Patriarch replies:


I must say I find it highly questionable that a school would assign a class project based on the premise that white, Christian societies are considered bad, or racist. This type of question makes me suspicious of either the motive behind you asking me this question, or the quality of education being provided by the particular school you attend. Nevertheless, I will treat it as a genuine and serious question.

Let me be clear.

You want to use a David Duke article as evidence that white, Christian societies are not considered bad, or racist. Unfortunately, you are using the views of one of those white Christians who is, in my opinion, clearly one of the the racist minority. The very article by him that you want to use expresses racist views. He is being disingenuous in stating he and his views are not racist.

You do not need to turn to the views of such a man to debunk the idea that white Christians are necessarily racist.