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Ask the Patriarch 72
Can I Buy Merchandise

from Megan

This question was originally asked a couple of months ago, and I chose not to publish it or my response. A recent accusation in Talk Back of being a huckster has caused me to revise my reply and publish it.

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Is there any sort of merchandise that can be purchased that is related to the church?

The Patriarch replies:


I tried this for a while with prices set to allow me to break even over the course of a year. However, the amount of effort required to do it properly was not supported by sales volume

In addition, I do not want to the web site to be seen as just another way to make money - and operating a store could lead to the wrong impression. Someone might even call me a huckster.

If you want to create your own poster or T-shirt, there are graphics freely available on this site in Meditation 168.

Best wishes


Subsequent to publishing this item, we have authorized a third party to sell UCTAA merchandise. (See the STORE link in the header.) UCTAA currently recieves no revenue from this operation.