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Ask the Patriarch 69
Shouldn't you change the name?

from Michael

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I stumbled upon this site by accident and I couldn't help wondering whether there is some relationship or similarity between "apathetic agnosticism" and ignosticism ?

P.S.: Btw. from a PR perspective, the term "apathetic agnosticism" seems way too long, hard to spell, complicated and intimidating to ever become popular. Something more short, cute, fuzzy might be a better sell. ;-)

The Patriarch replies:


Thank you for your question, but I'm sorry, but I cannot answer it.

I don't know what "ignosticism" means. I just don't know.

The word does not appear in any of my dictionaries.

I consulted the professors on the faculty at our International University of Nescience. They all confess that they don't know what the word means either. They just don't know.

As for your suggestion in your post script - we find that people who take the trouble to understand what we are communicating have absolutely no problem with spelling "apathetic agnosticism."

You are the first person ever to consider it too long, too complicated, too intimidating, or too hard to spell.

Why that should be - I just don't know.