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Ask the Patriarch 68
What do you do with addresses?

from Louise M

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If I provide my physical address when applying for ordination, what is done with the information? Does my address get used when sending information or is that strictly limited to "via email"?

I do not like handing out my private home address and I want to be sure that it is not going to be used or abused when I apply for ordination?


Louise M.

The Patriarch replies:


I wrote on this issue earlier (Ask the Patriarch 12,) but enough has changed since then, I'll address it again.

First of all, none of the application forms ask for your home address. We get no closer than your city, town or county, as the case may be. In the event someone does provide a home address or telephone number in the comments block, it is ignored and eventually deleted in the routine deletion of old messages.

So your home address is not used or retained by us.

Email addresses are retained in the ordination database. They are used only to respond to applications and correspondence. They are not normally used to initiate correspondence. They are not used for any mailing list. (They were until about 2 years ago, but there are no mailing lists now.) They are not added to any email program address book.

Information about you is not provided to any third parties. We do not rent, sell, or lend out any personal information. We do our best to respect everyone's privacy.

Best wishes