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Ask the Patriarch 67: When will we see the "Women of ApatheticAgnostic.com?"

from George

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In last month's Playboy there was a feature on the "Women of Rael." When can we expect to see similar (un)coverage of Apathetic Agnostic Women?


The Patriarch replies:


I will admit I carefully studied that issue of Playboy in order to provide an informed reply.

Raelians believe in free love (and condom use, by the way.) So having some of their more attractive female members appear in Playboy is consistent with their philosophy, and will, no doubt, result in at least some new members prepared to pay the required tithes (10% of income.)

We on the other hand do not promote free love; rather we take the position that whatever happens or does not happen between consenting adults is their own business. To use naked women to attract new members to our organization would be, in a way, false advertising. And any new members attracted would not necessarily be interested in agnosticism.