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Ask the Patriarch 63
The "Proper Place" for Women

from Sonya Batten

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What are your feelings towards the "proper place" for women? What are your feelings towards women being treated as equal to men? Where is the matriarch?

the Patriarch replies:


There is no "proper place" for women.

There is no "proper place" for men.

For any given individual in life, regardless of sex or sexual orientation, that person's proper place is wherever his or her talents, abilities, personal qualities, and aspirations take that person.

For any given individual in a relationship, that person's "proper place" in the relationship should be established by mutual agreement with the other partner(s) in the relationship.

As to: "Where is the matriarch?" We have precisely one head of church. The current head of church is a male, and thus designated the Patriarch. There is no reason the next head of church should not be female; and she would be designated the Matriarch.

Several of the regional heads of church (and regional heads are also called patriarchs or matriarchs) are women. Incidentally, Matriarch and Patriarch are earned designations and are not achieved simply by virtue of being a spouse.

Best wishes