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Ask the Patriarch 60
I Need Intercessors & Sponsors

from Emmanuel John Patras

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"Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters; Seek the Lord while he may be found; call on him while he is near." Isaiah 55

Needed intercessors & sponsors, Donator,

95% (950 millions population of inida) of Indian have never HEARD of Jesus in there life

Become a partner in the Kingdom of GOD by sending a sacrificial gift/donation of free Bibles/books/ GBP or Sterling or usa$ 1/5/10 weekly/ monthly for a village church building. I am here to communicate the Gospel of LORD Jesus Christ principally to Indian audiences. The desired effect is that through the Power of the Holy Spirit individuals may be reconciled to GOD.

Trusting the LORD to make this dream reality and to provide our needs. May be you would like to be part of this INDIAN Project by being a prayer partner and also by setting a part of donation towards the great need.

Let us look up to the Lord.

Yours in HIS Mission,

Dr.Emmanuel Patras.,Ph.D

Trinitarian Ministries

The Patriarch replies:


Thank you for this interesting missive, submitted on the same day as your second ordination application wherein you once again stated that you accept the articles of faith of the Apathetic Agnostic Church.

I seriously question your sincerity.

Given your apparent lack of honesty in spiritual matters, I had to delete your contact information from your message so that no unwary Christian might send you money. Clearly, there is no guarantee that you would spend it to actually support the promotion of the Christian religion, or any other.

And given that you claim that the people of India already worship 330 million gods, they really would not miss the addition of your version of God to the pantheon.

And for any of our readers that think the people of India need help, I suggest they consider a secular charity promoting provision of clean water, disease control, famine relief, education, or the teaching of effective agriculture. Or purchase goods and services produced in India, thereby promoting meaningful employment. Any of these are better than funding a third-rate con man to promote a questionable religious belief.