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Ask the Patriarch 58
When are you going to help us...

from Roy P

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When will you help us get Provincial Licences to be able to conduct marriages? I have been ordained since 2001

The Patriarch replies:


I am rather surprised to receive this question. In fact it is the first I have heard from you since you were ordained three years ago. Not even a simple "thank you" for ordaining you. Not a single contribution towards the web site. Not even an entry on the message board.

What have you been doing in the past three years? Have you even researched what is required to perform marriages in your province? Have you looked at the suggestions in the clergy resource site? Do you know your province's laws and regulations on this matter? Have you sought legal advice? Have you done anything at all? Or have you just waited twiddling your thumbs in the vain hope that someone else is doing all the work on your behalf?

I realize that laws outside of the United States make it quite difficult for non-traditional religious organizations to obtain recognition. But as a fundamental element of our non-traditional nature is that I do not collect funds to support what I already do to promote agnosticism. I pay for this website entirely out of my own limited income. I certainly do not have to financial means nor the time to fight this battle in every jurisdiction around the world.

If you want to perform marriages, then it is your responsibility to start the ball rolling. If you are unable to do it all by yourself, get on the message board and invite our other ministers in your province to help you.

Quite frankly, I think I already do enough. And the demanding tone of your message has given me no reason to take on this additional workload and financial burden.