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Ask the Patriarch 57
Stop Killing the Buffalo!

from Charlie

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I have read that you own land outside yellowstone national park and slaughter buffalo on your land. If his is correct I can see why you's are so cold and hateful towards animals. And that why is bacause you don't acknowledge and worship the One True God Jesus Christ. I pray for your salvation, but this email is about the buffalo. Please allow them to roam freely on your land. I pray that soon there will be a fedeal law that will make it illegal for you to kill them.[1]

The Patriarch replies:


Don't believe all you read. (And where did you read that? I'd like a reference so I can request a retraction.)

The only land I own outside Yellowstone Park[2] happens to be 600 miles outside the park, and in another country. That land is the small city lot my house stands on. No buffalo has roamed on this plot of land for well over a century. Nor have I ever killed one.

And Charlie, your claim that I am "cold and hateful towards animals" is a lie. A blatant ignorant unfounded lie. It is a falsehood which you have absolutely no reason to express.

I suggest that before you go around spreading lies together with your ineffectual message of your "One True God Jesus Christ" you should spend a little time studying your bible. Start with Exodus 20:16. Think very carefully what that passage means.

I await your apology. I'm sure your Jesus wants you to confess your sins.

Best wishes



  1. Text incorporated by "copy-and-paste" from original message as sent. All errors are as Charlie wrote them.
  2. If anyone wants to donate land just outside Yellowstone to me, I'd be only too happy to accept. I would let the buffalo roam free, but anyone like Charlie who abuses me without reason might be at risk.