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What is your position on the Big Bang?

from Glen Sblattero

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For the past year I have been an agnostic and enjoy being one. I just wanted to clarify about the scientific theory of how the universe began, 'the big bang'. I am firm believer of this theory but I have not totally shaken the fact if God exists or not. What is the view of the UCTAA on this big bang theory?

The Patriarch replies:


I think between Meditations 1, 8, 218, & 227, I identify myself as considering the Big Bang theory to provide the best scenario for the initiation of our Universe. However, we must recognize that the theory is under continuing revision at the fine detail level. There are still questions to be answered, and competing hypotheses about some of the details.

But we know enough that not one of the ancient creation myths for the Universe of any traditional religions stands up under the critical eye of science. What we know about the Big Bang conclusively proves them all wrong.

However, refuting the literal interpretation of the various creation myths does not necessarily refute the idea that initiation of the Big Bang was due to an act of an intelligent being - who could conceivably be regarded as "God, the Creator."

Consider the Big Bang as a bootstrapping process by which the Universe came into being, just as your computer operating system bootstraps itself into operation. Is it a requirement for the Big Bang that a cosmic ON switch must be pressed? Science does not currently provide an answer.

Best wishes