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Ask the Patriarch 54
Are you taking the piss?

from Cameron Tennock

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I must say I agree on many levels with what you're saying. Am I right however in assuming that you're taking the piss on some if not most levels?

Cameron Tennock

the Patriarch replies:


Thank you for writing.

To answer your question, on the contents page of this site under "A Caution to Visitors," you will find the following:

"This site deals with the doctrine of Apathetic Agnosticism in a combination of total seriousness and sophomoric humour. It is up to you, the visitor, to determine which is which."

That should answer your question. We try to strike a balance between humour and seriousness, and we try to strike a balance between laughing at others and laughing at ourselves.

With respect to one section in particular – Talk Back – the entire section is dedicated to allowing those who disagree with us the privilege of taking the piss out of themselves – and most of them succeed admirably.

Best wishes