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Ask the Patriarch 45
I Found Your Business Card at the Grand Canyon

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Dear Mr. Tyrrell,

While visiting the Grand Canyon the past week I found your card placed in a Bible in a cabin. I pray you were using it as a bookmark while studying the word of God. I just wanted to drop you a note to ensure you that Jesus loves you and I will pray for you. If you have a specific prayer request please feel free to email me.

God Bless,

Randy Harper

Business Card - Front & Back

A sample of the card Mr Harper found, front and back
(The e-mail address is now invalid)

The Patriarch replies:

Mr Harper:

I trust you enjoyed your visit to the Grand Canyon.

I hope you were one of the 5% or so of visitors who actually went over the rim and hiked at least some of the way into the canyon.   It is the only way to fully appreciate one of nature's great wonders.

As you are probably fully aware, I was not using my card as a bookmark. I was simply leaving guidance towards alternative options for those who might be seeking. I considered it quite appropriate to leave my own information with the religious material left by others in the room. I make a practice of it whenever I stay in a hotel or motel room.

Perhaps you found it offensive. I wonder how you would feel if in every motel room you stayed in there was, for example, a Koran instead of a bible. Would you not feel you should also leave a message about your own beliefs?

I do hope you were courteous enough to leave my message in the room for others who might be receptive, just as I left that bible there for you to read.

Best wishes