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Ask the Patriarch 38
Would you consider a "Reform" church?

by Michael Gonsior

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Your "church" is a treasure; but "belief" that "the existence of a Supreme Being is unknowable" seems a bit orthodox or fundamentalist. Would you deign to consider a reformist sect for apathetic agnostic agnostics -- i.e., those who don't know whether the existence of a supernature is unknowable?

The Patriarch replies:


It is difficult to start a "reformed" version of a Church of which you have never been a member. Normally, a reformed church is a break-away group who either wish to revise the doctrine of their church, or who reject a revision in doctrine.

So, as you have not been a member, reformation is out of the question for you. You'll just have to form your own church from scratch - which is probably easier. You don't have to worry about a lot of history, and decide which part to accept - which to reject.

There is a lot of room under the umbrella of basic agnosticism (I don't know if [any] god exists) to add your own variant. Certainly claiming god's existence to be unknowable is not central to agnosticism today - thus not really "orthodox" or "fundamentalist." However, in my view it arises out of the very definition of god.

Please feel free to form your own sect / cult / religious movement. There are many agnostics who have a different view than I do. Give them an a-spiritual home. Let me know if you set up a web site. I'll add a link to you.