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Ask the Patriarch 36
Are you making money?

by Paul Offutt

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I find your web site amusing. Are you making any money? Pissing Christians off... what a concept. I am a believer of Jesus. I mean there is more proof that he exists than proof that George Washington lived. I am not a believer of Church. Church I believe is a man made establishment that is just another way Man can have power to make money. I believe Jesus did his thing, and for that you are saved and his Kingdom is now here on earth, we are God, the devil was destroyed and God and Mankind will dwell forever. Try looking at it this way. It makes it much easier to believe when you don't have to worry about changing your life. Believe me, there is a whole new movement in Churches that are seeing this to be true. Jesus came to save the Jews, not us. His second coming was the destruction of Jerusalem. No longer will a man teach his brother about Christ... it will be written on their hearts. New Kingdom. Technology is the craft of God and Man working to gether. I don't believe people when they say God will never change. The whole world is about evolution and change. We are all growing and evolving together. If I sound like a freak, then re-read your articles. You have a gift of tong. It's ashamed that you are using for such a waste of writings. It you want to make money then you should join a church and use their teaching to get rich.

The Patriarch replies:


I'm not in this for the money. I fund the cost of what I am doing largely out of my own pocket. I do not solicit or accept donations for the operation of the web site. While I do currently[1] have a related online store, it is not expected to cover more than 10% of my total operating costs. The store's purpose is to provide agnostics with a means of displaying their beliefs. This is not a money-making operation.

I do this because I think I have a worthwhile message to communicate.

I suppose it would be possible to get rich preaching Christianity. After all, Pat Robertson, among others, has shown it is possible.

But accumulation of riches is not what motivates me. And I will not take on the role of a lying hypocrite to achieve such an aim.

Nor is my aim "Pissing Christians off." My aim is promotion of Agnosticism. If some Christians happen to get irritated by the Apathetic Agnostic web site, it is only because they chose to visit. There is a clear warning to such individuals in our Table of Contents. If they proceed beyond that point, their ire is their own fault, not mine.


  1. "Currently" when this reply was written. The store was closed at the end of July, 2004