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Ask the Patriarch 34
Apparel for Clergy

by Jen Sage

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Is there official garb for those of us who have been ordained?

The Patriarch replies:


We currently have no official clothing (other than the t-shirts etc. - which are not really appropriate ceremonial attire.)

Right now, you are free to choose your own "uniform" in line with your personal preferences.

I would suggest, if you wish to purchase something, you consider the following possible sources:

You will find a lot of options on the web if you search under these categories. And you will find specialist stores in or near a major city.

You may find prices fairly high. Financially, you might be better off to just grab an image of something you like and ask a local dressmaker / seamstress to make it for you.

Keep receipts. If you have an income from conducting ceremonies, then this purchase probably will be tax deductible.