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Ask the Patriarch 33
Please Unordain Me

by David

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Please unordain me.

My date of ordination is 12 Sept. 2003.

The Patriarch replies:


I regret the Church is unable to undo a valid ordination. Ordination is for life.

If you have a problem with the fact you are ordained, then reflect on whether you were completely honest in your initial application. As stated in the application, any false statement renders the ordination invalid. Given that you are asking for your ordination to be reversed a mere two weeks after the fact, I do question whether you did indeed accept our Articles of Faith at that time. If this is the case, then your ordination never occurred. You just have a meaningless electronic document that you can delete.

But if you were honest in your application, then you remain irreversibly ordained. If your beliefs have changed, the Church has no objection to you using your ordination to preach whatever you happen to believe today, or tomorrow, or next month.

Regardless, your message is considered to be a resignation from membership in our Church. We have accepted that resignation.