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Ask the Patriarch 31
Is it possible to be ordained with no conviction at all?

by Noel

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I am interested in ordination, however, I am worried that it would require too much conviction from me. I hold the doctrine that religious believe of any kind is dangerous. To be frank the UCTAA does seem very convinced of about agnosticism. Is it possible to be ordained with no conviction at all?

The Patriarch replies:


I'm not sure why you are interested in being ordained.

It seems to me the main purpose of ordination is to promote a viewpoint about religion (not necessarily a belief, particularly in the case of Agnosticism.) Conducting ceremonies is secondary, and a nice certificate and a designation come very far behind.

If you just want to be ordained - and not by an organization that expects you to hold a specific position - then there is always the Universal Life Church. They will ordain anyone.

UCTAA exists to promote agnosticism. That is our purpose. We hold that agnosticism should be promoted, and we see nothing wrong with that. I regard it as a great failing of most agnostics that they are not prepared to stand up for their agnosticism.

If have no conviction about your agnosticism (A concept I'm not clear on - you seem to imply that you don't know if you don't know,) then you are right that we are not for you. But, as I indicated above, there are other routes to ordination.

If you find some conviction in the future and can honestly complete our ordination application, then feel free to apply at that time.