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Ask the Patriarch 25
Atheist and Agnostic Singles

From: Thom Robinson

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I found you while searching for Atheist Singles. I think it's great that you declare what I have always felt and it's nice to know "I'm not alone." In any case, I hope to visit often.

As a Yankee Atheist in Florida, I have NO social life. Living on the buckle of the bible belt has made it quite impossible. The few "friends" I've made have been lost to the religion of their relatives, usually pious wives. I've attempted to put single ads online, but in Jacksonville, the women cling to religion as if their souls depended on it.

Being soul less, I can't bring myself to participate in these self deprecating and self-deceiving behaviors. Which brings me to why I'm here and although there is little hope left, it's not completely gone. I figure the women atheists are probably having just as tough a time as I am. Now to get us together.

Got any suggestions? Thanks.

The Patriarch replies:


On my personal web site, I used to rate various singles services - something I dropped because I couldn't find time to update often enough so the ratings would be current. I did list a fair number of religious oriented singles services - but none for agnostics and atheists. Maybe we just don't believe in it.

I have at various times considered starting an Agnostic & Atheist service on the Apathetic Agnostic web site - but I have not fancied taking on yet more work - nor the problem of how to get started. One listing is really insufficient. A certain critical mass is required to generate more listings - probably at least 10. So, unless I hear from a number of others in the same boat, I'm unlikely to take it on.

Perhaps if you join a local Freethought / Humanist organization, you might find other singles. For example the First Coast Free Thought Society is in your area, I believe. And on the state level there is The Humanists of Florida Association.

If you want to focus on strictly singles operations, there is an Atheist & Agnostic Singles Service where you can post an advertisement for yourself. Though I think it is in a holding pattern until it reaches a critical mass. Also, there is an Humanist, Agnostic & Atheist Singles group on Yahoo through which you may be able to contact others in your area.

Follow-up - latest update October 2004