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Ask the Patriarch 24
Thanks for the web site

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We don't make a habit of posting the "you guys are great!" testimonials that we get reasonably regularly, but I felt there was a worthwhile point in my reply to this one. And more "great web site!" messages are always welcome. They do provide the encouragement to continue.


My name is Darin and I have been browsing the internet and other sources for approaching 5 years to find some reasonable answers in all the confusing blaring information about all sorts of religions. I came to the exact conclusion about a year or so ago that your organization supplies, and it is great to find a group of some form who has clearly reasonable thoughts on arguably the most important methods on living realistically in modern times.

I am only 20, approaching 21, but I think I have done my homework on this issue, although there is always room for more thoughts on all things! It really made me smile to see the opinions here because I had already thought the same things without putting them into so many words before even visiting this site.

Mostly I listened in chat rooms and on forums and websites for a long stretch of time before deciding on anything, but this organization sums up my most valued feelings very well!

I just wanted to say thanks for placing the website and giving some information, especially for those great people who are sound-of-mind enough to make their own decisions about the most fundamental foundations of life.

Hopefully we will pass this level of understanding down to our children and so forth.

Thanks again, and great work!


The Patriarch replies:


Thank you for writing. I do appreciate your comments. It is for people like you that the web site is intended, and I am always glad to hear when our audience finds us.

You make a great point in your final comment. It is essential that the agnostic concept be passed on to future generations. Agnostics just don't do this. We tend to opt out of religious discourse, even among ourselves, and too often the children of agnostics are left to find their own way - and they risk falling into the clutches of a convincing snake-oil salesman. Just because we managed to make our own way to the acceptance of "I don't know" as a reasonable and rational answer does not mean our children should be left without benefit of our experience.