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Ask the Patriarch 19
Celebrate April Fool's Day

Name: Heindrich Eulenhof

UserEmail: j***.r*******@t-online.de

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I would like to respectfully make a suggestion to your calendar for April, since I noticed that you do not have a significant date listed. In fact, you ought to declare it an Apathetic Agnostic High Holy Day.

That day would be April 1st- April Fools Day!

"A fool hath said in his heart, there is no God!"

Or perhaps you and your adherants may wish to click on this website that should give great guidance as to why you have espoused your particular philosophy of faith: http://www.malicious.link. (Note: link changed by JT to reflect its intent.)



the Patriarch replies

Heindrich - (or Heinrich? Which is it? You have used both? And I cannot decide which is correct because your email name is something quite different.)

Thank you for your suggestion. But we will pass on it.

It is not in our hearts that we say that we don't know if there is a god (we don't say there is no god; please understand we are agnostics, not atheists) but it is in our minds that we recognize there is no evidence for any deity.

If you want a fool who has made a decision without using his mind, I suggest you look at Ask the Patriarch 4. Now there is a fool! And he believes in god! Perhaps his ministry could do with the suggestion to celebrate April Fools Day.

To summarize: