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Ask the Patriarch 12
I'm worried about my privacy

from: Kevin

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I'm concerned about my privacy. I am considering applying to be a minister, but I am worried about my privacy. I am just wondering what other things, besides confirming ordination, you would do with my name and location if anything.

the Patriarch replies:


I appreciate your concerns about your e-mail address and privacy, but you must recognize that by even asking the question, you gave us your address for whatever nefarious purposes we want to make of it. A Catch-22 situation.

Let me give you an extensive answer of what we do with people's addresses - probably more than you want to know.

First of all, I do not use the address book / contacts facility of my email program. This is for everyone's security in case a virus slips through my anti-virus protection.

Casual correspondents - such as you in submitting this query: We only reply to casual correspondents. If nothing further is received from an individual, it is not our policy to write again. We do not continue correspondence uninvited. We make no use of the email address, and as email folders are cleared regularly to keep things manageable, you can expect your address to disappear from all our files within no more than two months.

Members - Anyone who actually joins the Apathetic Agnostic Church has their e-mail address added to our database. This means I have a tool to check on duplicate applications. It also means is someone in your area wants to organize a local chapter I might provide contact information if I am confident it will not be abused. Of course this only applies if a member has voluntarily identified state or province in the membership application.

Clergy - Everything for members applies to ordained clergy. In addition, the email address serves as database search information for me if a request comes in to confirm the validity of an ordination.

We do not sell, lease or lend email addresses to any third parties.