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A Miscellany 397
Anachronistic Christmas

by: John Tyrrell

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My local paper, The Nanaimo News Bulletin, chose to observe December 24 with a front page image of the three wise men approaching Bethlehem, along with a verse from Longfellow.

I don't particularly like newspapers favouring one religion over another, but it's something we learn to live with. But my first thought on looking at the image was how timeless these middle eastern villages seem to look. The Bethlehem pictured here could have been based on a photo taken just yesterday... or 2,000 years ago (if that were possible). Until I noticed the detail...

A Bethlehem – supposedly from the beginning of the first century, A.D – with a mosque complete with minaret.

They were wise men indeed to have found such a city – about 575 years before the birth of Mohammed.

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