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A Miscellany 385
Free Book Suggestions

by: JT

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Thanks to some recommendations from Ed Babinski, here are a couple of (currently) free books which may be downloaded for your reading pleasure / information.

Chris Hallquist, who blogs on Patheos has made his 2009 book, UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God: Debunking the Resurrection of Jesus, available as a free pdf download. If you'd prefer, you can find it on Amazon, after which you'll see what a genuine bargain the download is. But, as one of the reviewers on Amazon states, " the strength of this book comes in the mere process of applying the same skeptical approach one brings to claims of visitation by ghostly apparitions and alien visitation to stories of supernatural feats in the Bible."

Visit Chris's blog entry for the download link. He does let you know that he's open to donations, but they are not absolutely necessary. I’m hoping you’ll donate whatever the book is worth to you, whether that’s $1, $5, $20, or more (if you really want to support my writings). But I’ll also be happy if all you do is read it, enjoy it, and tell your friends about it.

My initial impression is that it is highly readble and informative.

Another free download suggested by Ed Babinski is:

The Philosophy of Cosmology by Chris Smeenk.

This is a pre-print version of an article to appear in the forthcoming The Oxford Handbook for the Philosophy of Physics. Ed describes it as "This new paper on philosophy of cosmology is from a non-apologetic non-religious (not irreligious) point of view, i.e., just an admission of what we know and don't know. Nice summation I thought."

My initial impression is this paper is quite heavy reading, but may be of interest to those who are already grounded in the field.