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A Miscellany 343

by: Joy Willa Hatch

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I'm an agnostic alcoholic; where does that leave me?;
Because my wants and desires often deceive me.
I want to be a good artist and poet and yet, on alcohol I place my health bets.
If there is a God, He is only trying to confuse me;
I can write poetry for many, but because of alcohol, they may lose me.

How is God not a fraud;
When I am dependent on prescription pills because I am mentally ill.
Without them, I am completely lost;
And for them, there is a small cost.
Mental health should be free;
And should make one fly like a bird or honey bee.
Instead mental illness is a tragedy;
But, it is part of what makes me me.

God never stopped me from thinking;
God never stopped me from drinking.
God never helped with my medical conditions;
God never got me into paying job positions.
God never helped me find inspiration;
God only makes destructive precipitation.
God is not there to listen to me;
That is why, with God, I disagree.