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A Miscellany 330
How's that morality from the Bible philosophy working out for you?

by: JT

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As the issue of morality from the Bible is what my major article this week is all about, I thought I'd take a look at the concept in action. So, just from this past week's news, we'll look at Christians and their churches applying that good old-fashioned morality learnt from the Bible.

We'll start off with a visit to Kentucky and the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church. An interracial couple had the temerity to show up for for a service. Promptly, Pastor Melville Thompson proposed a ban an such couples in the church - a ban which was passed by a majority of those church members who voted. Christian morality in action!

Church Votes To Ban Interracial Couples After One Shows Up

Moving further south to Louisiana, we find a 28 year-old Bible School teacher having regular sex with one of her 13 year-old students. They met at a summer Bible school where she was one of the instructors - and not the sex-ed instructor. More Christian morality in action!

Bible school teacher, 28, 'had sex with boy, 13, she met at Christian summer camp'

Of course it is not just American Christians who have problems with morality. In Britain, at least six people are dead thanks to evangelical churches advising them to cease taking their HIV medication because they had been cured by divine intervention. I regard this as homicide, but it is just Christian morality in action.

Six dead in Britain after church ‘heals’ HIV